Stray Rescue

Last Known Status

  • Estimated % Destroyed: 14%
  • Inhabited: Yes


Stray Rescue, in 2015, effectively became St. Louis’s animal control center for dogs when the city converted their main center to hold only dangerous animals. They were underfunded, having to spend most of their money on their veterinary facilities. It was constantly full of dogs, many of which were large dog breeds that were originally bought by careless owners who then discovered that they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take care of their dog.

So the Refuge Point expedition was only slightly surprised to see a substantial amount of dogs when they arrived at Stray Rescue. Someone had clearly let them out of their cages, but why had they stayed instead of sprinting to the four corners? And then more surprising was the presence of a single man. The man referred to himself as Alpha and it was clear after a few minutes of discussion that he considered himself to be part of the dog pack surrounding him. And the dogs clearly thought of him as one of their own, growling anytime someone came too close.

The offer was made to Alpha to come back to Refuge Point, but it was refused with Alpha saying they were comfortable where they were.





Stray Rescue

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