Dome at America's Center

Last Known Status

  • Estimated % Destroyed: 37%
  • Inhabited: Yes


The stadium where the NFL Rams used to play before they moved to Los Angeles in 2017. The stadium is where FEMA collected people during Destruction Day. During the carnage, the weather in the St. Louis went certifiably nutball. The roof took substantial hail damage and many of the luxury boxes were destroyed. But the overall structure stayed intact and people survived…until the virus killed most of them. Those that were left cleared out the bodies and started getting on with living. What sprung up was the equivalent of a tent city, with tents and other makeshift structures filling the artificial turf field, leaving spaces where the largest holes in the roof were.

Now people come and go from The Dome as they please. There are three main groups in The Dome, none of which have a permanent setup:

  • The Normal
  • The Powered
  • The Twisted

These are loose groupings rather than formal organizations. There is not a single leader of a group, just a general agreement to stick with their own kind. The groups do not have an active hatred of each other – but they tend not to hang out together either. The Normal and the Powered are roughly the same size, fluctuating from week to week. Since there is no easy way to tell who had powers before, it is just expected that people will end up with who they identify with, but there is no policing. The Twisted is the smallest of the groups and consists of people who survived the genetic twisting with their human intelligence intact.

There is an unspoken agreement that The Dome is a type of neutral territory – everyone agrees to keep to themselves and mind their own business. This “look the other way” philosophy has kept this somewhat uneasy peace.

Throughout the seats has sprung up a thriving mobile market of sorts. It is well known in the survivor community that The Dome is where you go if you need a neutral place to buy or sell something. There is no central authority and no law regarding these transactions- just the knowledge that if your reputation as a trader goes south, you might find it difficult to continue to do business.

Refuge Point has sent people to trade upon occasion but has also not gone seeking new additions to the town, as the town is trying to manage its growth and The Dome is probably the single largest community of survivors in St.Louis.

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Dome at America's Center

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