Heroes Fail

Episode 29

At What Cost Safety?

After spotting Rhiannon and her hunting party, the former Guardians regroup and keep watch for a day or two while determining what to do. Natalie’s healing of Ang has left both women in a strange state of mind, but a hunting party is organized to go after the Refuge Point traitor. Nat and Jared lead the hunting party to the location of their first encounter, and they track the group north of Refuge Point, but the two trackers are bickering back and forth on the walk in ways that make the rest of the team look askance at them. Several times when Jared raises his voice, Natalie flinches back from him. Ang fades into the background, leaving the noisy group as bait for Rhiannon’s group, since any chance of actually sneaking up on them is completely compromised by the squabble.

It isn’t long before the Guardians are ambushed by Rhiannon’s group, having literally stumbled across their hiding place — Candle House museum. Surrounded by four people with weapons who fade in behind them and several more who are training weapons on them from within the building, the Guardians are told to drop their weapons, but Natalie doesn’t — she seems to be struggling visibly with cornered animal-style response and seems about to open fire.

Maddie silently asks Sandra for her powers back and Sandra obliges, allowing Maddie to stovepipe all the weapons that surround the Guardians without anyone’s knowledge. Ang achieves the high ground and fires at the group of men, but the shots go wrong. Chaos ensues, because at this point Natalie knows there’s a Power active, she’s certain that it’s not ours, and she also has no idea where the weapons fire came from — she opens fire at the group of men. Ang’s second shot takes out the man who was talking to the Guardians. The ambushers’ weapons appear to be non-functional. Langston shouts for Toby to NOT shoot people, believing the boy to be present. Melody takes refuge behind and nearly under a car so as to avoid getting hurt (she doesn’t want Toby swooping in), and Maddie tries to make for cover as well.

Langston tries to get out of the line of fire, but in the midst of the confusion he realizes at the same time Jared does that Natalie is glowing, a sure sign that her ability is rising fast. Langston starts talking, fast, trying to talk her down with a chanting cadence similar to Ang’s. It eases the situation, but it’s very clear that Natalie’s panic attack has not faded as yet. And she has also become aware of another presence nearby — Wolf’s rage is incandescent to her empathic senses. She warns Jared and Langston in a hissing whisper that we NEED to get out of here.

Maddy sneaks toward the house and gets herself grabbed y Rhiannon’s group. Rhiannon herself starts talking to the group through a bullhorn and Langston engages her in conversation. Eventually the trade is agreed upon that the Guardians will not shoot at Rhiannon’s group and Rhiannon will leave an unconscious Maddie at a place a little distance away so the Guardians can retrieve her when Rhiannon’s group is gone. The Guardians begin to withdraw, and as Rhiannon and her group exit the museum, Wolf explodes onto the scene with the intent to kill the woman who murdered Mrs. Wolf.

The battle begins anew, with Ang taking sniper shots from her position and Jared diving for his weapon to fire at the group as well. Langston scrambles to cover with Melody behind and beneath the car, but at this point Sandra shoves Maddie to wakefulness and Maddie decides to use the CAR as a weapon. Melody manages to roll out of the way, but in doing so she blocks Langston’s escape from beneath and he is run over in slow motion. Rhiannon backpedals from Wolf straight into Natalie, who body checks her forward (failing miserably, getting caught in Wolf’s path and getting sliced by his knife as a result). The heightened emotions all around are pushing Nat’s Power into higher use again and this time Rhiannon spots the glow that surrounds her. It doesn’t matter, though, because Wolf eviscerates the woman even as Jared hauls Nat out of the way. Nat manages to calm him somewhat once Rhiannon is dead, but Wolf seems to be entirely feral and bolts back out into the wild. FInally things begin to calm.

Melody works to stabilize Langston, who has taken Mel’s gun so that Nat can’t get anywhere near him. He doesn’t want her healing ability functioning in his proximity ever. Melody understands and promises she won’t let it happen. Maddie’s Power is now obviously active, but she deflects any questions on that front with the need to get Langston back to Refuge Point. Ang rejoins the Guardians, still seeming quite chipper and happy. And it finally dawns on Nat what may be going on. As the group makes its way back toward Refuge Point, Natalie pulls Jared and Ang — the trainers — to the rear of the group where they can’t be overheard and explains what she believes: that she took on some of Ang’s psychological damage when she healed her two days ago, not merely the physical.

The up side, of course, is that Ang’s eyes are really in great shape, and apparently the Guardians’ leader is … a lot happier? And the questions remain regarding who Rhiannon is in contact with at Refuge Point and what were her reasons for returning to this vicinity at all.


Malificent Terri

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