Heroes Fail

Episode 25

Some of Us Already Paid

The group thinks about trying to convince Ida Carr, the holder of the largest voting block for the vote to bring in the government. But then they, led by Langston, decide to just go to her and explain their reasoning – they have personal experience with the government and what they are likely to do, especially this particular form of government. Ida Carr takes it calmly and then explains her position: She doesn’t feel the world and/or society can truly heal and move forward until Powers pay for the consequences they caused. To her, it isn’t about whether this one incident was intentional or not. It was about the loose and slack environment that Powers lived in – there was bound to be something world shattering happening sooner or later. Langston pulls off his mask and remarks that “some of us have already paid” before walking calmly off.

Both votes go off smoothly. Thanks to the group’s politicking, the main vote ends up in their favor: 113 voting NO, 25 voting for SUPPLIES ONLY, and 75 voting for MONTANA with 5 abstentions. The Lumiere Casino vote is not as narrow, with 147 voting YES and 71 voting NO.

Erik Carson is up and about on crutches. Melody starts a conversation with him and discovers that he and his brother were fleeing a warlord named Dusk who was taking over a large portion of Michigan. They kept fleeing only for the Warlord’s territory to expand or for the Warlord’s men to find them. Eventually, they found a plane with fuel and despite neither man officially knowing how to fly a plane, they managed to make it to St. Louis before they crashed. Melody suggests there must have been a reason the warlord kept hunting Erik. Erik takes offense and steers the conversation about who to talk to in Refuge Point about mechanics and Melody steers him towards Maddy.

Santae comes to Ang and suggests they will need to destroy Jared’s transmitters or risk having more incidents like the one a few days ago where people dissatisfied with the potential vote results, tried to activate the transmitters anyway. Ang agrees and asks Maddy if she’ll do it in front of the Council so there will be witnesses.

Maddy agrees but as she is getting ready to take them apart, Sandra speaks up, reminding her that they are advanced technology. Refuge Point will be unlikely to come across things like this again, meaning Maddy (and Sandra) will not as well. As encouragement not to destroy them, Sandra turns Maddy’s powers on so she’ll have to hear the transmitters scream and plead not to die. They tell her they want to live so they can transmit to Thunder Basin, Wyoming, which Maddy would note as odd, since that isn’t Montana, but she’s busy trying to not sob from having to kill all the transmitters. But she manages, disappointing Sandra and providing Badi’a some new pieces to add to their solar panel array.

Later, Ang pulls Maddy aside, having noticed her hesitation in taking part the transmitters. She wants to help Maddy if something is wrong. But Maddy says she is fine and promptly ignores Sandra suggesting that they could repair Ang’s eyes. Then she would be in debt to Maddy and they could have someone else to help with their body reconstruction problem.

Melody and Langston have also been working to try and diagnose the plant growth issue. They have determined that the food they are growing is not bad for them but the farther out from Refuge Point they go, the more oddities and mutations are popping up in the plants. They agree that they are going to need to go further to the west to gather more samples.

Geetha comes to Natalie and tells her that she is leaving Refuge Point with the Lumiere casino survivalists. She just sees people’s stares and judgments on her and feels she needs a fresh start. Peter Yeoh, who betrayed the Powers, is also leaving. There is sadness but understanding about Geetha’s situation.

Finally, Erik comes to Maddy and asks her what he has to do to convince her to be an advocate for him staying in Refuge Point and what he would have to do to get a date from her. For the first, she just runs him through some mechanical tests – he’s good. Quite good. His mechanical repair style is maddeningly familiar to Maddy but she can’t place exactly where she remembers it from. As to the date, Maddy just says no time like the present and tells him to ask. Sandra asks if Maddy is attracted to him, because after all his powers are similar to hers, although not exactly the same. She doesn’t directly imply that he might be a candidate, but she doesn’t need to anymore because that hangs in the air.


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