Heroes Fail

Episode 24

Influencing the Influencers

There’s going to be a vote in 5 days. Actually, to be precise, there will be two votes. One to decide whether to allow people who want to leave with the Lumiere Place Casino group to take supplies from Refuge Point with them. But the bigger, more concerning vote is the vote on whether to allow Jared Norris to contact the government. At best, it means some large percentage of the population going to Montana, leaving St. Louis behind. At worst, it is opening up the door to a potential betrayal by the government, who was involved in all sorts of Power experimentation before D-Day,

Olivia, who has become the group’s spymaster, lets them know that first, the vote is leaning towards letting Jared make the call. Second, there are 5 people that are influencers in this vote. If the group can change the mind of most of them, then they can shift the vote in the other direction. Those 5 are:

  • Ida Carr – Justice Prevails faction. Believes that the government will eventually bring the justice that the powers deserve. Husband Jerry was killed in D-Day (she kind of misses him but not really). Desperately misses her German Shepherd, Max who was also killed in D-Day. Has a daughter Gracie that was injured in the Geetha incident. Soda addict. Played softball. Software engineer before.Doesn’t know how to drive. Has Stage 1 breast cancer Builder team. (4 legs)
  • Adam ZImmerman – Government Keep Us Safe faction. Believes that the government can do a better job protecting the citizens, especially from a potential power resurgence. Is secretly in love with Rosalie Owen in Expedition team who won’t give him the time of day. Has a secret stash of food that hasn’t been reported. Scared of snakes. Cross dresses. Former biologist. Medical team. (3 legs)
  • Shiro NaitoFaith in Government. Formerly a government funded super hero (even if it wasn’t American) and believes that government will protect the powers even if it is because they want to use them. Smokes in secret. Was a low level enforcer for the Yakusa before developing a power and changing his ways. Enjoys a good pun. Has a hard time relating to women. Believes in duty. Expert in 4 martial arts. Defense team. (2 legs)
  • Judd WileyWe Won’t Survive Otherwise. Believes that there are too many people and not enough supplies. They need to at least call and take the supplies. Banjo player. Optimistic but not unrealistic. Never reads fiction, didn’t watch TV. Was married before D-Day. Used to love to travel. Always wanted a lizard. Super organized to the point of being too much. Quartermaster and supplies team. (3 legs)
  • Misty Hamilton – Tired of Living Like This. Tired of scratching out a living and suspects it might be much better in Montana – they have power there, after all. Doesn’t really care whether it’s the government or not. Doesn’t really care about the Powers one way or the other. Has an eating disorder. Used to be into the Bachelor. Currently single and lesbian. Hates the color pink. Has 60 sets of shoes in her living space. Hates Badia after she rejected Misty for Building team. Doesn’t like the Twisted much. Tells everyone she’s 35 when she’s 45. Cleanup team. (3 legs)

They go about trying to influence the folks. They get off to a good start with Judd until they make a misstep and say something that completely turns him off their cause. Misty they manage to convince by bringing her new shoes and informing her that life probably wouldn’t be much better in Montana with the military – in fact it might require more work. Adam is convinced by being reminded that letting the military in means a lack of control and independence.

The crew leaves Jared behind with Ang as they go to Harris Stowe to meet Toby and fulfill their trade agreement requirements. They inform Toby not to do anything to reveal himself to Jared, as that can only lead to pain.

Meanwhile, Jared is training with Ang who wears him out physically and then confronts him in the shower. She manages to talk Jared into not supporting his own cause by reminding him what it would mean if he wanted to stay in St.Louis but called in the military. Then having persuaded him, she also convinces him to sleep with her – an act that doesn’t mean much more than an itch scratching to Ang but puts some guilt in Jared’s mind, since he is all about Natalie.

Later, Maddy takes Jared out on a scavenging expedition. While out there, Sandra suggests that Jared had (has?) powers and his particular set of powers might not work out for her.

As the word starts to spread that the vote might change, two Refuge Point members (Guy Vargas and Joshua Roberts) break into where Jared’s stuff is being stored. They steal his backpack with the transmitter but don’t manage to get the inner bag open before they are captured by Natalie, who lays out Guy with a single punch.

Natalie confronts Jared about all the secrets and Jared tells her that now she knows about his work with Project New Guardians…wel, there are no more secrets.


Malificent Malificent

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