Union Station

Location and History

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Union Station was formerly a major train hub but was eventually in the 70s, when train service died out, turned into a massive shopping center and hotel.

General Layout


Union Station, in addition to the mall, has an attached hotel, a external amusement park, and an artificial lake. There are three entrances to the main hotel/mall. In addition, there is a hard to access maintenance tunnel that goes from the lake to the tunnels underneath the mall proper.


In terms of transportation, Union Station was right within range of an Amtrack station, bus station and major interstate. In addition, the Mississippi river flows through the city not 10 blocks away.

Nearby Locales

Within a 10 block radius of Union Station: the Gateway Arch, Peabody Opera House, Busch Stadium, St. Louis University, and Lafayette Square.






Union Station

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