Refuge Point



Named (ironically?) after the ever present handicapped signs located throughout Union Station. Refuge Point is the community/town created in the remains of Union Station in St. Louis. It took approximately six to nine months after Destruction Day for enough people to gather to form a viable community and another few months after that to become firmly established.

Powered vs Normal

Two years after Destruction Day, there is still a gap between the people who once had superpowers (Powers) and those who did not (Normal). It is not as harsh as, for example, separate living spaces. But former Powers find it hard to find places of true responsibility in the community. While individual reaction varies from faith (“it wasn’t their fault, they’ve always helped us”) to hatred (“I always knew they were eventually to cause a disaster that they couldn’t fix”), there is a general feeling of mistrust of former powers among the Normal community. Perhaps all evidence to the contrary, the fear still exists that a second Destruction Day might happen.


Refuge Point has a mayor and a council of 5 who make the decisions for the community overall.


The mayor is the tie breaking vote on the Council of Five in the rare cases of an abstention. Also represents the community in any dealings with the outside world. It is also agreed upon that the mayor is the final decision maker in any emergency situations where there is not time for the Council to meet. The mayor is also in charge of keeping the community flowing smoothly. The current mayor is Santae Munroe.

The Council of Five
  • Gardener – The Garden is so key to survival that the person in charge gets a seat on the council. This person is responsible for maintaining the garden and supporting any individual gardens within the community. When livestock are available, also responsible for maintaining livestock. Current Gardener is Cally Brynne.
  • Expedition – In charge of scavenging and exploration. Current Head of Expedition is Kenny Hertzmark.
  • Defense – Responsible for the defense of the community, especially the standing militia. Works closer with the Builder. Currently manned by Rick Farrington.
  • Builder – In charge of all large scale construction within the community, including defensive fortifications. Position currently held by Badi’a Wasem
  • Quartermaster – Keeps track of and rations supplies. Is the final word in this matter – maintains the secure storage of supplies, including weapons, food, clothes, etc. Current Quartermaster is Judd Wiley.
Additional Groups
  • Medical – Responsible for taking care of the health of the community – Current Head of Medical: Nona Wetterstrom
  • Clean Up – Dead bodies outside of Refuge Point continue to be a problem, as does clearing pathways and the area around the town.
  • Communications – Mostly in charge of internal communications as well as trade with other communities.

Town Rules

  • Curfew – Only official patrols are allowed outside the main mall structure after dark
  • Training – Everyone is required for 2 hours a day to train/serve as part of one of the core teams (Gardening/Expedition/Defense/Building/Supplies). This keeps from creating a single point of failure in case someone important gets injured or dies.
  • Rationing – The quartermaster is at least made aware of all supplies found or created. For example, if you started a personal garden, the quartermaster would want to know so that food rations could be adjusted appropriately.

Town Groups/Organizations

Community Members

Refuge Point

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