Tag: Garden


  • Ertha Robbins

    Ertha is the librarian at [[Refuge Point]] where she works tirelessly to maintain the existing set of books (from Barnes and Noble) as well as pester teams leaving Refuge Point to look for various types of books in the ruins of all the small independent …

  • Cally Brynne

    Cally was not the first choice to sit on the Council. Too young. Too sassy. Too pushy. Too young! But she knew more about growing things than people three times her age and had a green thumb to boot. It didn't hurt that she, despite not taking any guff …

  • Peter Yeoh

    Peter, in his former life, was a low level biochemist for a mid major candy company located in St. Louis. Now he serves on the Gardening team, acting as a cook and long term food storage specialist, making sure no product of the garden goes to waste.