Sawyer Fandango

Representative of Dome Powers; former hero known as Underscore


Sawyer Fandango, before Destruction Day, was the second tier musical related hero named Underscore. He was a bit of a fame/glory hound and was not a member of the Guardians.

Now he is the representative of the Powered in The Dome.

In Episode 4, he brought the group to The Dome ostensibly to trade for solar panel related gear. But in reality, he mostly just wanted to see if Natalie was interested in moving from Refuge Point, as he had a long time crush on her. When she indicated she wasn’t interested, he instead asked for them to trade for something from Ansuya Verma on nthe Normals side. That trade ended up setting off a series of events that might destabilize the entire political structure of the Dome.

He and Ansuya do not like each other.

Sawyer Fandango

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