Rick Farrington

Pretend former major in the U.S. Army; actually an actor; head of Defense for Refuge Point


Rick was a major in the U.S. Army, stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood when Destruction Day occurred. Chain of command broke down when with half the base already sick or dying from the plague, Lightning King attacked and destroyed what was left of the institution. Major Farrington, who barely managed to escape with his life, ended up in St. Louis and was welcomed in by the beginnings of Refuge Point, who quickly put him in charge of town defenses.

Or that was his story, anyway…

Rick Farrington was actually an actor, not a major in the U.S. Army. But he was playing the role of a major in a Kansas City theatre production when everything went down. Somehow managing to survive, when he was mistaken for the real deal, he didn’t correct them. He knew that he was both more likely to survive and be well taken care of if they thought he had been in the military.

Ever since, Rick has just been crossing his fingers, hoping that he wouldn’t be discovered. Reading military tactics books where available, disguising his lack of formal firearms training…anything that might help him get away with it. He’s a smart guy and he’s actually picked up some of it. And now two years in, he’s beginning to think he’s gotten away with it.

Rick Farrington

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