Nona Wetterstrom

Doctor for Refuge Point


Nona had thought she was going to die, trapped for two days in the rubble of her local Ford dealership, where she had been getting her oil changed until Destruction Day happened. But she was rescued by two local firefighters who were passing by. They took her to her local practice, where she grabbed some of her equipment before leaving to go home. But when they got there, her house had burned down to the ground along with most of her neighborhood. She and the firefighters spent most of the next month wandering St. Louis, doing their best to save as many lives as possible. Once things had mostly settled, they ended up at Union Station and the newly forming Refuge Point.

Nona is the only trained practicing doctor at Refuge Point but they do have some other people trained in various levels of first aid as well as a nurse. Nona spends her time both as a doctor and working on figuring out a training program so that they can get more people fully trained. Or at least as close as they can get.

Nona Wetterstrom

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