Natalie Tessier

Former healer and law enforcement liaison


5’4" tall, long deep brown hair, and light brown eyes


Awareness: 3+
Influence: 3+
Logic: 5+
Resistance: 2+
Insight: 4+
Coordination: 4+
Knowledge: 4+
Might: 4+
Stealth: 5+
Survival: 2+

Core Traits

Ideal: Protect the Innocent
Method: Efficient
History: Disaster Recovery


Search & Rescue — Grants: Roll to find asset or person despite having no idea where to look.
Advantage — Healing in stressful situations.
Never roll to assess safest route or most likely place for survivors.
Season 1: The Abyss Stares Back — Grants….
Season 2: Mother in Progress


Born in the northern part of California on the east side of the fault line. She always had an interest in earthquakes (what with living near the San Andreas and in the shadow of earthquakes all her life) and she also had an interest in extreme weather. She parlayed those into a career in disaster relief and rescue operations after college. She spent about 5 years with the International Rescue Corps, which is where her healing power developed. She did her best to hide it, but eventually the physical toll was too much and she moved into management. Then she moved on to FEMA, and finally about 3 years later over to St. Louis to work with the hero team Guardians.

Former Powers: Healing – self and others. The only limit to Nat’s healing ability is really how much damage she can take upon herself, because that’s how it works. She touches the person she’s attempting to heal and she draws their injuries into herself, where her healing factor then heals it. She has mended broken bones, punctured internal organs, knife wounds, gunshots, any number of other physical injuries.
Limitations: She cannot heal illnesses, and lethal injuries are too much damage for her to heal at one time though if she’s careful and does it over the course of several days, she can save people. When she takes an injury into herself, it heals within 2 hours but she can feel the pain of it the entire time. No medications lessen that part of her ‘gift.’ In addition, it eats up her own energy to do the healing, so at the end of that two hours she is wiped out and pretty much unconscious for a day or two following the healing. So she’s not precisely unhappy with having lost the pain that came with her ability.

As the team’s liaison with law enforcement and the feds, she was primarily an organizer and a support person, but when the major battles hit she was always on the ground in the front lines helping where she could. Sometimes that meant being a spotter on a rooftop, sometimes that meant being on the ground evacuating innocents from the battle zone, or other activities.


Season 1:

Natalie Tessier

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