Mary Fran Durocher

Demolitions expert and anti-Power advocate


Mary Fran always liked blowing things up, even in early childhood. After getting a structural engineering degree from the University of Illinois, she went to work for Controlled Demolition, an international explosives engineering firm. Her free time hobby was high end guns. So an neutral observer would think that she might even welcome the apocalypse with open arms as a chance to thrive. But her dad and brother were killed in front of her on Destruction Day and her two sisters died from the nanobot virus.

So in this post power world, she’s been one of the blunt outspoken folks who suggest that the best option is killing all the Powers now in case their powers return. And if killing is too much, then they ought to be out on their own, rather than potentially endangering the true victims of the apocalypse. She always seems about 3 steps away from leaving Refuge Point over the number of formerly powered individuals around, but she never goes and she’s never vocalized why.

Mary Fran Durocher

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