Langston Moore

Brilliant geneticist, extreme narcissist



Awareness: Average (4-6)
Coordination: Bad (5-6)
Influence: Great (2-6)
Insight: Capable (3-6)
Knowledge: Capable (3-6)
Logic: Great (2-6)
Might: Bad (5-6)
Resistance: Average (4-6)
Stealth: Average (4-6)
Survival: Average (4-6)

Vitality: 6

Ability: Voice of Reason

Free: Langston never lies, so those who know him always believe his statements.
Advantage: On any roll involving a “logical process.”
Impossible: Langston can always attempt to make “devil’s advocate” arguments, even if the target would normally not be willing to listen.


Traits allow for a +1 to the roll. Alternatively, the player may apply a trait to remove or add an And/But from the result.

Ideals: Survival of the Fittest, High Functioning Sociopath
Method: Dispassionate
History: Amoral Geneticist
Season 2: Do not go gently…


Prior to DD, Langston was an eight-foot tall super-strong gorilla. Post DD, Langston is a hunched and twisted figure with oddly placed muscles, sickly green skin, and a lip-less sneer.


A narcissist from a rich Coloradoan mining family, Langston grew up knowing only wealth and privilege. He was kidnapped several times during his adolescence and held for ransom. At the age of fifteen, he was rescued from one such kidnapping attempt by Patriot, a member of The Guardians. The rescue changed the course of his life, as he bent his considerable intelligence and wealth to research into granting himself superpowers.

Ridiculed by academia for pursuing the impossible, Langston eventually took his research underground. A mysterious, unknown backer funded his research for many years, which included many morally questionable (but “technically legal”) experiments on human subjects to perfect his technique.

Once he was convinced his technique was sound, he initiated the procedure on himself assisted by his protege, Dr. Franklin Wright (aka The Metamorph). The process worked, but turned Langston into a giant gorilla, rather than the “paragon of humanity” he had expected. Enraged, he destroyed the lab and his research, nearly killing Dr. Wright, who he still blames for his ape-like state.

He then spent several years attempting to undo his transformation, funding his research by applying his “process” to the highest bidder. Without proper notes and equipment, many of the experiments ended in—occasionally fatal—failure. With a growing list of powerful enemies, Langston did the only thing he could. He became a hero.

Through a series of calculated moves, he surreptitiously offered aid and support to those in the The Guardians who had saved him so long ago and hunted him ever since. In dramatic fashion, he then revealed that he had been their benefactor for quite some time, that he was ready to “turn to the light,” and that he had a cure for a deadly, alien disease that threatened Starlight, one of their founding members.

For the three years prior to DD, he kept his head down in the lab, went on missions as requested, and was generally forgotten by those in The Guardians who did not deal directly with him. However, his enemies have not forgotten him, nor have those who he harmed on his path to power.

Post DD, Langston awoke in the devastated ruins of his parents ranch in Colorado. Hideously deformed, to the point that many mistake him for a Twisted, he was forced to make a long and perilous journey to the rally-point in St. Louis. The journey took nearly six months, making him one of the last to arrive at Refuge Point. He refuses to speak of what transpired during his travel.

Abandoned Ranch, April 13th, 1995

The room stank. A heavy, fetid smell that was amplified by impenetrable darkness. Langston wasn’t sure how long he had been here, but the initial terror from the kidnapping had faded. Without his pulse pounding in his ears, he could faintly hear the sounds of his captors moving above.

Time since the abduction only existed as brief flashes. Figures in tactical gear leaping from the shadows. Maurice—his “bodyguard”—gurgling from the knife wound in his throat as Langston madly fumbled for his panic button. The sharp impact of his forehead against damp concrete, the brief urban smell cut short as a rough sack was forced over his head. Weightlessness as he was carried by the shoulders and ankles. Another jarring impact against the cold, corrugated floor of the van as they turned onto a gravel road. A harsh laugh from one of his captors before a sharp blow to the head knocked Langston unconscious.

He had awoken in this darkness. Cautious questing had revealed sheer, earthen walls and what he believed to be a puddle of urine and feces. So he had been kidnapped again. Maurice had proved just as worthless and ineffectual as the last buffoon set to guard him from those who would prey on their betters.

Other children would have laid in the darkness and let terror consume them, but Langston felt anger rising like bile in his throat. He had no reason to be afraid, he knew that his captors would be discovered or paid off. He was worth too much money to be killed. So instead of blubbering, Langston lay in his pit, seething with rage.

Suddenly, there were shouts of surprise from above and rapid popping of gunfire. Screams rang out and were cut short. Within seconds the only sound was a single set of heavy footfalls. Light flooded into Langston’s pit as the door above was ripped from its hinges.

“Are you alright?” a thick, masculine voice called down. Langston’s eyes struggled to adjust and finally managed to focus on a chiseled face in a ridiculous star-spangled mask. “Langston? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” the man repeated. “My name is Patriot. I’m with the Guardians. I’m here to rescue you.”

Langston lay at the bottom of the pit, gazing with wonder up at the spandex-clad fool. Others may have felt grateful, relieved, or comforted. Langston felt none of these things. On that day, the course of his life was altered. Other adolescents wanted to become doctors, policemen, or the president. Langston only wanted what this man had.


Langston Moore

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