Jason and Mark Slattery

Brothers who own Square One Brewery


Jason and Mark Slattery founded Square One Brewery and Distillery in 2006 and quickly became a well known place in the downtown St.Louis area to get beer or spirits. When Destruction Day came, they bunkered down in their living spaces above the brewery. When they managed to come out the other side alive and with the building only lightly damaged, they decided not to move on, but rather to keep going. They figured there would always be a need for alcohol…perhaps now that the world had ended there would be even more of a need. Keeping the liquor flowing, they figured, would be the best way to keep themselves intact. And they were right.

Square One trades with every group within reasonable distance of their place, bargaining for food, clothes and other necessities, including the raw materials to keep brewing. The brothers are armed but so far, have managed to negotiate their way out of any human problems and scare away any non-human problems. Both brothers make alcohol but Jason, the older brother runs the business while Mark serves as the muscle and handyman.

Jason and Mark Slattery

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