Jared Norris

Natalie's partner/bodyguard in St. Louis


6’2", redheaded, usually scruffy, brown eyes, calm demeanor, cool under pressure, observant


Jared was reassigned to St. Louis from the West Coast at the same time Natalie Tessier was. They had worked together under Andrea Denning in the Portland, OR, FEMA Office and were friends. When word came down that the government was essentially drafting Nat, Andrea made arrangements for Jared to be moved to St. Louis in order to be her partner in the job she was sent to do there as well as partially to be her bodyguard against pressure from Above. It was his job to make sure that no one was pulling Natalie in to do more healing than she could survive. He had little part in her Guardians duties and little contact with the Guardians themselves, though he was seen around sometimes.

Like many others in the country, Jared Norris’s status is Unknown.

Jared Norris

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