Geetha Patel

Former Power (a.k.a. Cyclone) now wandering the wilderness


Geetha Patel was young when she first discovered she could control the winds. Her family rejected her and she went to live with friends of the family in America. Thinking her powers were shameful, she focused in on becoming a doctor and ended up becoming a pathologist. She spent a few years doing that full time before the need to use her powers overwhelmed her and she started going out at night in costume. Eventually, she became a member of The Guardians on a part time basis, still doing her pathologist job on most days.

Then came Destruction Day. Geetha, despite all logic and reason, could not shake the feeling that she was responsible somehow – that her decision to use her powers ended up leading to the destruction of everything. She eventually made her way to Refuge Point where she ended up part of the Expedition team (as many of the ex-Powers did). When not scouting, she plays chess on sets she collects or carves herself.

Geetha Patel

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