Dr. Metamorph

Mad scientist, uncontrolled shape-changer, and cause of the apocalypse


Jealous of his former mentor and his superpowers, Dr. Franklin Wright became obsessed with giving himself super powers. He studied the genetic elements that were thought to be responsible, and gene spliced himself some superpowers. He gained the ability to dramatically change his shape but couldn’t control it, unable to stay in one shape more than a day, and often much shorter than that. Irrationally blaming our heroes group for this failure, Dr. Metamorph spent many years trying both to destroy the group and give himself control over his powers.

The day when everything went wrong, he thought he had solved both problems: A nanobot gene splicing agent that would remove superpowers from anyone it came in contact with, but be harmless to anyone without the gene or anyone with the appropriate preventative measure (i,e., himself). In a national spotlight, the heroes failed to stop the launch of the release agent and within minutes, basically blacked out. When you woke up, the world had started going to hell and Powers were without powers. Dr. Metamorph was nowhere to be found..

Dr. Metamorph

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