Cally Brynne

The teenage takes no guff Gardener of Refuge Point


Cally was not the first choice to sit on the Council. Too young. Too sassy. Too pushy. Too young! But she knew more about growing things than people three times her age and had a green thumb to boot. It didn’t hurt that she, despite not taking any guff from anyone, had a maturity level when it came to responsibility and dealing with people. Too many of the other options were not only not as talented, but were introverts not wanting to deal with the people. And any job that was a Council seat was going to have to deal with people.

She’s been working on expanding out Refuge Point’s main garden and also working on building up documentation and getting people to build their own personal gardens. The more gardens, she figures, the less chance of catastrophic failure. And she worries about that a lot.

Cally Brynne

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