Bob Albrand

Former postal carrier; Keeper of the Letters


Bob was found by one of the first Refuge Point scout teams. He was hiding in the post office, surviving on vending machine food and people’s lunches that had been left behind. With no family and being a bit of a coward, Bob had no desire to leave until he knew it was perfectly safe.

Bob now serves a member of the Supplies team, helping out with keeping supplies organized. In his spare time, he also goes back regularly to the post office where he retrieves batches of old mail. Some of it he uses in a scrapbook type hobby, trying to document the past. Anything that is letter or postcard gets saved and is part of a regular session where Bob (or others) reads the letter out loud to anyone who wants to gather to listen. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, this letter reading is a touchstone to what used to be.

Bob Albrand

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