Angpetu Zhang

Former Power suffering leadership crisis



Awareness: Great (2-6)
Coordination: Capable (3-6)
Influence: Great (2-6)
Insight: Average (4-6)
Knowledge: Average (4-6)
Logic: Average (4-6)
Might: Bad (5-6)
Resistance: Average (4-6)
Stealth: Capable (3-6)
Survival: Bad (5-6)

Vitality: 6

Ability: Natural Born Leader

Free: Make someone listen to my words
Advantage: When coordinating loyal troops.
Impossible: Attempt to convince people to pursue an impossible mission.


Traits allow for a +1 to the roll. Alternatively, the player may apply a trait to remove or add an And/But from the result.

Ideals: Duty
Method: Brutal
History: Fallen leader

Angpetu Zhang

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