Heroes Fail

Episode 42

At what cost freedom?

As our intrepid heroes pick back up their new season….

Melody and Maddy are observing the trucks that are supposed to be carrying away the people who want to leave Refuge Point. They are noticing distinct separations among former known Powers and the others. Natalie and Jared are on their way out the West Entrance to meet up with Dr. Nona, who is going to remove the tracker in Jared’s body thus allowing the couple to escape into the wild. Langston is faced off with Mercator, offering the General a bargain — or so he believes. And Ang is in her room attempting to head off a wild explosion of her overload.

Epic Fail on that last one.

Ang’s power shakes the entire structure and a device on Mercator’s belt tells him that it’s an active Power. This changes everything. Langston thinks fast and tells Mercator that he’s created something that will reactivate Powers, and he’ll give it to the General if Mercator will agree to leave everyone except Langston here. He does let slip that there is “more than one Omega-level Power here” and implies they are controlled Powers that could make things very hard for Mercator. He specifically threatens Mercator with the idea that he needs to leave EVERYONE here or deal with those Omega-level threats.

Nat and Jared are stopped by a guard at the west door who knows “Col. Norris.” He wants to know why the two are heading out. Natalie loses it a little bit just after the earthquake happens, trying first to play it off that it’s a freaking EARTHQUAKE and we need to be outside and THEN needling the young guard. Neither works. And ultimately the lie is told that they are going outside and around to the front where the trucks are. And the guard follows them for a good way. Once he finally leaves them alone, Nat and Jared have to regroup and alter their intended plans.

Melody and Maddy approach the trucks and Mel asks permission to talk to a former Power who’s planning to leave. Although she tries to convince the woman this is a bad plan, it doesn’t go well at all. Karen, who has been jealous of the fact that there have been at least SOME powers reactivated, shouts at Melody about how maybe the government will reactivate her! She wants that. Melody simply leaves.

Following the discharge of her overload, Ang heads out of her room and goes looking for Mercator. Guards are jogging through the corridors, trying to follow a signal on a detector that apparently can only trace ACTIVE power in use, not just Powered individuals. Which doesn’t work now because Ang’s not actively using it anymore. So that’s a good thing. Ang approaches the General and promises to help — the General doesn’t seem to believe Ang had anything to do with the earthquake, which is an even better thing. He’s probably thinking it was a terrakinetic or something. But his tenor has changed dramatically from the gentler, more conciliatory tone he originally had and Ang notes it.

MEANWHILE, in the radio room — DJ, who monitors short-wave communications and radio waves a lot, happens upon a broadcast during the earthquake. A honeyed female DJ voice is calling out what sounds to be a repeating message. <<andy,>> DJ himself has the presence of mind to jot the message down and goes looking for Ang or another of the former Guardians.

When Ang reads the message, which contains the old Guardians code “High Time” — a code that means a Guardian has been taken hostage — Ang is thoughtful. She asks if DJ has been monitoring the military bands locally since Mercator arrived. DJ has indeed been doing so and reports about chatter of Wyoming (not Montana) and special preparations being made. Also heard Natalie might have pissed off the West Entrance’s guard.

Given the changes in plans, the Guardians begin to pull together at Langston’s lab, where Langston retreated after the earthquake. ANg arrives first. He’s destroying EVERYTHING. All his files, his data, even his samples. There is nothing left. Luckily because it’s all in his own brain, he only loses about 15 percent of the data files. And he apologizes to Ang, which floors the young woman.
Ang: You just apologized for something you made!
Langston: No, I apologized for not telling you about the trackers I made. They weren’t relevant.

As they discuss the transmission from Charleston, Langston thinks it doesn’t matter if it’s a trap, we have to go. Ang learns about the deal Langston intended to broker, and Langston explains that he was leading the wolves away. He needs better equipment anyway — he is literally dying, which he’s told no one. Altering his own plans now might draw too much attention, but if he leads them away it will allow the rest of the Guardians to go after Ryan and Toby while he searches for a cure.

By now, the rest of the group has assembled. They learn about Ryan and Toby, and Melody is all for GTFO of here RIGHT NAOW!!! Obviously. While the team discusses Langston’s plan and tries to sort out how the hell they’re going to rescue him when they’re done rescuing Ryan and Toby, Melody helps Langston destroy all the drives with info on them. The knock at Langston’s lab door heralds the entrance Mercator, some guards, and the government scientists. Langston drops the last drive into a bucket of acid(?) as they come through the door. At which point, Langston confronts Mercator about being the reason that all the craziness happened — it comes out that all the research that Mercator was having done was unsanctioned. It looks like Mercator is going to bow to Langston’s power play.

As they are all herded toward the trucks by the guards, though, Mercator speaks to LAngston privately about the extinction problem. Langston loudly confronts him about telling the truth about shit. And Mercator is forced to explain about the Wyoming base and the Montana base, explaining that one is a completely non-Powered facility because it’s a smoother transition. A lot of people are still mad, obviously, at what former Powers did. Langston points out that by going to the Powered facility, people are agreeing to be part of reactivation research projects. Langston himself outs a lot of the previous projects, including the fact that he’s helped inject stuff into water supplies over the years to encourage more activation in the civilian populace.

Even the Guardians are floored by this — unwittingly they were doing WHAT????

The mob is silent and then there’s abject furor. A lot of people are suddenly NOT going to Montana or Wyoming, and the plane’s engines spin up. From inside that plane comes a massive burst of wind, which is then stopped — it answers where the hell Elena has been this whole time! Ang confronts Mercator with the fact that Elena was NOT a volunteer and Mercator gives a song and dance about her being a threat to them on approach — she’s clearly uncontrolled and a danger to the community, so she is going to Thunder Basin.

Mercator also confides to Ang that they know about the block to the powers and how it’s stopping the powers from working, and this needs to be removed or the human race WILL die out. Something about that virus and the block it caused is the reason that pregnancy is not attainable. So he is NOT releasing Elena. Maddy joins Ang and tries to punch the general, but Ang holds her back. Eric takes off running toward the plane, attempting to rescue Elena, but Melody cuts him off. He has SAUNDRA. That cannot fall into Mercator’s hands. Elena is deemed… regretfully by all concerned… a loss they must take if they’re going to save everyone else.

Later that night, amid a LOT of anger and talk about what’s happened in the populace, Ang deals with Langston’s revelations in front of the Council. Ang tells them about the message and about Ryan, and since Mercator coming back is a very real threat as well, we’re asking to go ahead and go after Ryan. It also serves the purpose of getting them out of Refuge Point until things calm down.

Langston and Melody talk long into the night. Jared’s tracker is removed. And Nat and Jared have a conversation about why he thought the research and such was all right… in which it comes out that not only had JARED known but RYAN knew as well. That’s to be dealt with another time, really.


Malificent Terri

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