Heroes Fail

Episode 30

Tac-Nuke of Truth

After a couple days of downtime, we find that Ang is still emotionally feeling pretty darn good but physically she’s suffering from the excessive amount of healing done to her. With no pathway for her power to follow, neither eyes nor blades, it is building up within her and causing her migraines. These are expected to get worse with time, although Ang has made a point to downplay the situation.

Ida visits Langston as he’s recovering from injuries sustained during the battle, and he basically dumps a Tac-Nuke of Truth on her, giving her the full rundown on what’s been going on with the re-emergence of Powers, his theory that all the survivors are potentially latents, and anything else he feels will generally bring her into alignment with his point-of-view …. whatever that actually is.

A team meeting is held in the sickbay not too long after that, which is when Langston informs the rest of the group about what Ida knows. It also comes out at this point that Maddy’s power has been turned on for a lot longer than anyone really knew. An argument ensues about Maddy keeping that kind of secret, being as all her excuses on why she didn’t speak up sound remarkably like the exact same problems that Natalie’s been having — Langston is peeved, Ang is hurt, Nat and Melody are definitely perturbed. Sandra eggs on the situation internally, though the rest of the group still has no idea that she exists and that Maddy is being somewhat held hostage by the AI. The ultimate decision of the team at the meeting is that hiding the re-emergence of Powers cannot continue, and if we’re going to get ahead of it, we need to do it on our own timetable. The group decides it’s time to take it to the council.

Melody goes to pay a visit to Toby to check up on him because he did NOT show up to the massive battle and finds out that Toby’s been doing both some power exploration as well as other kinds of exploring. He informs Mel that he’s located his father — that Melody didn’t kill him, but that Ryan has been transformed into coral and at the present time seems to be thriving. But he is out of reach of Toby for now.

The council meets up with a couple of things on their agenda, one of which is deciding what to do about the refugees that are still being housed pending decision. But the team requests time to speak on a topic unrelated, it is granted to them. At which point, Ang very baldly tells the council flat out, “There are active Powers in Refuge Point.” The coucil members erupt into loud chatter — Santae’s knowledge is called into question, and he takes some heat for keeping quiet on it. Ang lets them blow off the initial head of steam but doesn’t let them get lost in outrage. Instead, she calmly brings the discussion back to the facts — She lists the preternatural threats that we already know we’re facing, as well as reminding the council what was being done to Kofi and the children. She lays it all out with the spin that by HAVING Powers here in Refuge Point, our own people are safer than anywhere else, because we can’t be the only place where this is happening. Why would we even assume we are? It stands to reason that while we’re the biggest confluence of prior Powers that we know about, there have to be others out there in smaller communities, and if we’re erupting, it’s likely they are as well. So sooner or later, we will likely be threatened by someone who wants to use their Power to take over Refuge Point.

Langston is queried for additional information and explains that the old methods of classification are not going to work right now. The dangers primarily exist in what we don’t know about the way Powers will now erupt and work. He likens the situation to a new form of heroin on the market, a metaphor that Natalie can distinctly feel makes the council very uncomfortable though she can’t really pinpoint why or exactly what about it is a problem. It also comes out that at least one of the active Powers in Refuge Point — any of whom at this time we refuse to name — was NOT a Power prior to D-Day. And we also have no way to really assess whether all survivors might, in fact, have a latent gene. Ang uses the story of Rhiannon and her defeat as an example of what could happen and what just a few active Powers can do for Refuge Point to keep it safe, and the gamble pays off. The council determines that Ang and Santae are going to be delegated to make the integration of the Powers and the knowledge that they exist a smooth transition — and they are given the authority to handle it any way they deem necessary to keep the peace.

Following that part of the council meeting, the rest of the team leaves. Ang remains and the council decides that this group of refugees will be allowed to stay, but that we will need to come up with some kind of process by which we deal with any further people seeking a place to stay. Refuge Point cannot handle more than it’s already got — in point of fact, this could tip it over the edge. But they can’t in good conscience send a bunch of kids out into the coming winter and still look at themselves in the mirror, so we’re all going to tighten our belts and deal with it. Nearly lost amid the resettling of the newcomers, the leader of the refugees is spotted having a rather intent discussion with Mary Fran, who she seems to know better than one might assume, and the possibility of yet another mole or traitor floats on the periphery.


Malificent Malificent

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