Heroes Fail

Episode 28

Rhiannon's Return

Quick summary:

  • Santae and Doctor Nona are still interested in figuring out what Toby can do and how long they can keep him secret. While nobody saw him rescue his mother during the Faith related craziness, rumors still float about something weird having happened. Santae is not convinced the group can keep it secret much longer. He and Ang talk about plans, perhaps how to control the release of the information.
  • Election season is starting – when the Council was first formalized as a ruling body, it was agreed upon that they would be up for election every 2 years on what was Election Day before the apocalypse broke out. Santae is uncertain whether he wants to run for Mayor – it’s been a stressful job and his only real power is the bully pulpit. Ida Carr, who Langston has been having regular conversations with, has expressed interest in running. It is uncertain whether Ang wants to run for her spot or something different or not at all.
  • Sandra is interested in having Maddy get to know Erik Larsen better. As always with Sandra, it seems about 1/5th concern for Maddy and 4/5ths self interest.
  • A large group of mostly women and children arrive via raft down the Mississippi River. Led by Susie Maldonado, they are looking for sanctuary as Refuge Point’s reputation has spread. At least that is what she says, but several of the guardians are not sure she’s telling the truth. They are given food and water and set up outside of the main mall area. While Natalie is helping tend to the children, her newly flaring empathy picks up a familiar feeling from nearby. Investigation leads to find Rhiannon with 4 other people, all armed with handguns headed back to a camp in the area. Nat takes that information back to Ang. The raft folks are brought inside but not completely mingled with the population while Ang gathers the Guardians and guns to go hunting.


Malificent Malificent

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