Heroes Fail

Episode 27

Emotional Upheaval

The group brought back Faith Ortega with them to Refuge Point after their trip to the Southwest and Faith is accepted quickly into the community…perhaps too quickly. She’s already involved with Anthony Austin and the voting process for adding new members to the community was handwaved by the Council. People feel very strongly about Faith very quickly. Nat and Melody are protective. Maddy is lusting after her. Ang is jealous of her. Langston however feels none of that and starts to get concerned that Refuge Point might be in danger from Faith. He starts working on a mist solution to dampen the effect for a short time.

Things escalate quickly as young Zachary Godwin wants to get near Faith but Natalie and Melody keep him at a distance. He leaves and comes back with a gun that he has stolen from the armory. He shoots Natalie and Melody. Anthony runs off with Faith out of Refuge Point and Zachary follows close behind. Langston brings a temporarily cured Ang and Maddy to help but the scene is already chaos. Santae is there and Langston mists him and then asks him to get the rest of Refuge Point down into the steam tunnels where they can be safe out of the way. Dr. Nona is also there trying to work on Natalie and Melody – she’s affected by Faith but her need to save those two overrides the other compelling need for the time being. She stabilizes Melody but is losing Natalie. Natalie slips in the dark of death…until her power goes off and drains life from everyone nearby in order to heal herself.

That power explosion draws in Toby who appears, grabs his mother, and disappears again, much to the surprise of Santae, Dr. Nona, and Jared who had no idea about Toby’s new powered existence. Toby takes Melody to his house made out of a large tree in an unknown location. He heals her and then returns her.

Ang and Santae go up on the roof of the mall looking through binoculars and a rifle scope for Anthony and Faith and Zachary. Ang sees them headed towards Harris Stowe, which would be its own set of problems, especially considering the presence of Kofi there. And that’s when the jealousy kicks back in for Ang. She makes the shot and kills Faith, a potential threat to Refuge Point (and to how she might feel about Maddy?). She makes that shot in a way that makes it look like Zachary shot faith. She then shoots Zachary to complete the story.


Malificent Malificent

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