Heroes Fail

Episode 22


September 11 is also Remembrance Day at Refuge Point, a day to remember those who died since the end of the world. There is a ceremony where names are read out and then people speak up about the things they remember, good or bad about the person. There is a long list of people and one non-person, as Mrs. Wolf is listed among the fallen.

After the ceremony, there is a memory wall for people to put up memorials to the dead, including those who died before Destruction Day. As Maddy as looking at the wall, she sees the names of the 5 Guardians up there. All put up separately by different people. A death threat of sort, if a very passive aggressive one. The group, while not shrugging it off, doesn’t let it get them wound up.

Later that evening, a storm breaks out suddenly. And not long after, they hear the sound of a small prop plane to the north. They later see it hit by lightning and crash. Ang puts together a group to investigate. The 5 PCs plus Alfonso Gravett and DJ, both of whom have some experience in the north of St. Louis, set off into the night.

They make their way through the new jungle of the city, fending off coyotes along the way. Eventually they arrive at Pruitt-Igoe, a former failed housing complex that became a historical monument before Destruction Day. It is clear the plane crashed into one of the buildings. There is a crude barbed wire setup blocking easy entrance and Alfonso says there are clustered small communities of people living in some of the buildings.

This brings a point of conflict, as Ang decides that it is too dangerous between the rain, the dark, the coyotes and the unknown people to risk going in for someone(s) that they aren’t even sure survived what was an ugly plane crash. Natalie doesn’t want to abandon them. The tense conflict is navigated by Maddy secretly having Sandra flip her abilities on for long enough for the plane to let her know that someone is still alive in the cockpit. Through the use of the radio DJ brought, she manages to convince the group that someone is alive without exposing Sandra, but Nat senses something odd about Maddy.

They go in and see no people although the signs of a community are visible. When they reach the plane wreck, its nose is downward at a 45 degree angle. They manage to get in and rescue the pilot but the copilot is already dead. The pilot has numerous injuries but will likely survive. Meanwhile, as Ang is patrolling the perimeter, she finds a couple of dead bodies, which seem to have some sort of green scales on their skin, similar but not exactly like Langston’s. Langston identifies the scaly substance as some sort of fungus that killed these people and carefully collects a sample. They see some more bodies in one of the buildings also that were killed by the fungus. They make a quick exit from the area with the pilot after a quick search of the plane gets them supplies and the feeling that these two were on the run from something.

When they get back to Refuge Point, eventually the pilot wakes up and confirms the identity they had found in his wallet – Erik Carson from Traverse City, Michigan. The co pilot was Larry Carson, his brother. Natalie tells him that once he’s healed, they will put him on his way. It’s at the point, Samuel Presper (who was on watch) comes in to let Ang know someone has arrived and they are claiming to be from the government (and here to help!). When Ang and Natalie go out to see who it is, it is none other than Natalie’s former handler, Jared Norris who seems both surprised and relieved to see her.


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