Gaming System

This game will use the Cornerstone system and will be light on advancement.

The Cornerstone Skill List consists of the following 8 basic skills plus 2 additional that are specific to the setting chosen.

Basic Skills

  • Awareness – What’s going around you?
  • Coordination – How dexterous are you?
  • Influence – How do you Interact with people?
  • Knowledge – What do you know?
  • Logic – How do you solve problems?
  • Might – How strong are you?
  • Resistance – Can you take a beating (physical or mental)?
  • Stealth – How well can you hide your presence or intent?

Additional Skills

  • Insight – Why is what’s going on happening?
  • Survival – Can you make more with less resources in this post apocalyptic world?

What Happened Before

The short summary of the events before the apocalypse that you caused.

Time and Place

  • Year: 2022
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Specifically, Union Station would be your base of operations.

The community that has been created in Union Station is referred to by its inhabitants as Refuge Point.

Timeline and Stories

This section keeps a timeline of the game’s episodes and all assorted stories.

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